Keep it up…

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It has been quiet here after Eindhoven. I still had some little pains, felt a bit tired and didn’t trained a lot.
Meanwhile I bought me some new running shoes at Ron for Run. Nice service over there!

Enci bergloopEnci2009

But last weekend was the ‘Enci bergloop’. One of my favourite matches, so I wouldn’t miss it! Although I had a tough weekend… Friday a concert of Tommy Emmanuel in Haarlem, Saturday long travel times and a concert of Rowwen Hèze in America. I decided to drink no alcohol and drove to home. 3.30 bedtime…

10.45 on my bike on my way to the Enci. The track of the match is around the (normally non-accessible) Enci terrain and has one very steep hill. For the 8,5 km you have to run 3 rounds. The weather was really outstanding. Nice sun and no wind. I started with no target in my mind, due to my lack of training and my few hours of sleeping.

The first round went good. I overtook a lot of people and I didn’t noticed any pains. The climb was getting more difficult in the second round, and especially the last round. You really have to persevere to get up the hill. I finished 35th in 34:58, still 1 minute faster than last year! (and my new shoes are already dirty 😉 )

CnR community
As hard as it is to keep up the training in the end of the year…is keeping up blogging about the CnR community. I notice that I don’t keep checking the forum if I’m not involved with it. So if there’s a topic about a local match I want to run, I will follow the topic and participate. I get to know some people and even some new training partners. But other topics seem to be not that interesting for me.

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